Scanning Framework

The Scanning Framework allows you to write code to scan locations using the device camera and use those scans in your app. It also provides the functionality to create new VPS locations.


This is a Public Beta feature and functionality may change in a future release. For more information on ARDK feature launch types like Public Beta, see Lightship Launch Types.

When you scan a location, you create a collection of images that are processed into a textured 3D mesh. For example:


This allows you to scan an object in the real world and bring the textured mesh into your app as a movable object. Or you can scan a location to activate it as a VPS Wayspot, to use the VPS location in your game.

Next Steps

  • Getting Started with the Scanning Framework - shows how to get started with the Scanning Framework by creating a new Unity project to scan, visualize, and process the mesh at a location.

  • Scanning for VPS - contains steps on how to use the Scanning Framework to activate more locations for ARDK’s VPS functionality.

  • Scanning Settings - contains information on how to customize your scan visualizations, scan processing, and about the IScanner interface.