class BarcodeDisplay (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.MarkerSync.BarcodeDisplay)


class BarcodeDisplay: MonoBehaviour {
    // properties

    RawImage BackgroundImage;
    RawImage BarcodeImage;
    RawImage BorderImage;
    Vector2 Center;
    Vector2[] Points;

    // methods

    ZXingMarkerGenerator.MarkerGenerationResult GenerateBarcode(
        MarkerMetadata info,
        bool showAfterGenerating = false

    void Hide(bool force = false);
    void Show(bool force = false);

Detailed Documentation


This is part of an experimental feature that is not advised to be used in release builds.


RawImage BackgroundImage

Optional image component that is enabled when the BarcodeImage is displayed to hide other components on the screen. It should be behind the BarcodeImage component.

RawImage BarcodeImage

The image component to render the generated barcode to. It should be square.

RawImage BorderImage

Optional image component to render the barcode image’s border to. It should be square and larger than the BarcodeImage component.

Vector2 Center

The screenspace position of the BarcodeImage.

Vector2[] Points

The screenspace positions of the generated barcode’s borders. The returned array of 4 vertices is clockwise, starting from the bottom left.