struct CoverageArea (Niantic.ARDK.VPSCoverage.CoverageArea)


An area where localization with VPS is possible. More…

struct CoverageArea {
    // enums

    enum Localizability;

    // properties

    LatLng Centroid;
    Localizability LocalizabilityQuality;
    string[] LocalizationTargetIdentifiers;
    LatLng[] Shape;

    // methods

    string ToGeoJson();

Detailed Documentation

An area where localization with VPS is possible.


LatLng Centroid

Centroid of the Shape polygon.

Localizability LocalizabilityQuality

The localizability quality gives information about the chances of a successful localization in this CoverageArea.

string[] LocalizationTargetIdentifiers

Identifiers of all LocalizationTargets within the CoverageArea.

LatLng[] Shape

Polygon outlining the CoverageArea.


string ToGeoJson()

Convert the CoverageArea information into a GeoJson string.


GeoJson as string