struct CompassUpdatedArgs (Niantic.ARDK.LocationService.CompassUpdatedArgs)


struct CompassUpdatedArgs: Niantic.ARDK.Utilities.IArdkEventArgs {
    // fields

    readonly float HeadingAccuracy;
    readonly double Timestamp;
    readonly float TrueHeading;

    // methods

    CompassUpdatedArgs(float trueHeading, float headingAccuracy, double timestamp);

Detailed Documentation


readonly float HeadingAccuracy

Accuracy of heading reading in degrees. Negative value mean unreliable reading. If accuracy is not supported or not available, 0 is returned. Not all platforms support this pricise accuracy, so the value may vary between few constant values.

readonly double Timestamp

POSIX Timestamp (in seconds since 1970) when the heading was last time updated.

readonly float TrueHeading

The heading in degrees relative to the geographic North Pole.