interface IARConfiguration (Niantic.ARDK.AR.Configuration.IARConfiguration)


The interface for AR session configurations. More…

interface IARConfiguration: IDisposable {
    // properties

    bool IsLightEstimationEnabled;
    IReadOnlyCollection<IARVideoFormat> SupportedVideoFormats;
    IARVideoFormat VideoFormat;
    WorldAlignment WorldAlignment;

    // methods

    void CopyTo(IARConfiguration target);

// direct descendants

interface IARWorldTrackingConfiguration;

Detailed Documentation

The interface for AR session configurations.


You will not create or work with instances of this interface. Instead, you create one of the more specialized sub-classes. In order to run an AR session, you must pass in a configuration (one of these sub-classes) that most matches the type of AR experience you wish to provide with your app or game.


bool IsLightEstimationEnabled

A boolean specifying whether or not camera images are analyzed to estimate scene lighting.

IReadOnlyCollection<IARVideoFormat> SupportedVideoFormats

Returns a collection of supported video formats by this configuration and device.


iOS-only value.


Not supported in Virtual Studio.

IARVideoFormat VideoFormat

A value specifying the options to use for the output video stream.


This is an iOS-only value.


May be null depending on system version.

WorldAlignment WorldAlignment

A value specifying how the session maps the real-world device motion into a coordinate system.


This is an iOS-only value.


void CopyTo(IARConfiguration target)

Copies the values of this configuration into the target configuration.