interface IARLightEstimate (Niantic.ARDK.AR.IARLightEstimate)


interface IARLightEstimate: IDisposable {
    // properties

    float AmbientColorTemperature;
    float AmbientIntensity;
    ReadOnlyCollection<float> ColorCorrection;

Detailed Documentation


float AmbientColorTemperature

The estimated color temperature, in degrees Kelvin, of ambient light throughout the scene.


This is an iOS-only value.

float AmbientIntensity

The detected ambient light intensity.

For iOS, this value is in lumens, 1000 representing “neutral” lighting.

For Android, this value represents average pixel intensity of the range 0.0 - 1.0.

ReadOnlyCollection<float> ColorCorrection

A 4-element vector. Components 0-2 represent the scaling factor to be applied to the r, g, and b values, respectively. The last component is the pixel intensity (Identical to ARLightEstimate.AmbientIntensity).


This is an Android-only value.


The green channel [1] is always 1.0, to be used as the reference baseline.