interface IColocalization (Niantic.Experimental.ARDK.SharedAR.IColocalization)


interface IColocalization: IDisposable {
    // properties

    Matrix4x4 AlignedSpaceOrigin;
    ReadOnlyDictionary<IPeerID, ColocalizationState> ColocalizationStates;

    // events

    event ColocalizationStateUpdated();

    // methods

    ColocalizationAlignmentResult AlignedPoseToLocal(
        IPeerID id,
        Matrix4x4 poseInAlignedSpace,
        out Matrix4x4 poseInLocalSpace

    void LocalPoseToAligned(
        Matrix4x4 poseInLocalSpace,
        out Matrix4x4 poseInAlignedSpace

    void Start();
    void Stop();

// direct descendants

class MockColocalization;

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This is an experimental feature. Experimental features should not be used in production products as they are subject to breaking changes, not officially supported, and may be deprecated without notice


event ColocalizationStateUpdated()

Fired upon any peers’ (including self) localization state updating