struct ScanTarget (Niantic.ARDK.AR.Scanning.ScanTarget)


Represents a location that can be scanned and activated for VPS. More…

struct ScanTarget {
    // enums

    enum ScanTargetLocalizabilityStatus;

    // fields

    LatLng Centroid => shape[0];
    string imageUrl;
    ScanTargetLocalizabilityStatus localizabilityStatus;
    string name;
    string scanTargetIdentifier;
    LatLng[] shape;

    // methods

    async void DownloadImage(Action<Texture> onImageDownloaded);

Detailed Documentation

Represents a location that can be scanned and activated for VPS.


LatLng Centroid => shape[0]

A point representing the center of this scan target.

string imageUrl

The URL of an image depicting the scan target, or empty string if none exists.

ScanTargetLocalizabilityStatus localizabilityStatus

The localizability status of this scan target. This indicates whether the scan target is currently activated for VPS.

string name

The name of this scan target.

string scanTargetIdentifier

A unique identifier for this scan target.


This identifier is not guaranteed to be stable across sessions.

LatLng[] shape

The shape of this ScanTarget, as a point or polygon. It is recommended to use the Centroid property to get a point representing the location of the scan target.


async void DownloadImage(Action<Texture> onImageDownloaded)

Downloads the image for this scan target, returning it as a Texture.