class ARSessionListener (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.ARSessionListener)

Helper for UnityLifecycleDrivers that need to listen to ARSession events. Callbacks needed to be added to the IARSession instance whenever: The IARSession is initialized AND The UnityLifecycleDriver is enabled And the callbacks need to be removed whenever the UnityLifecycleDriver is disabled (but not when the session is deinitialized, because that automatically cleans up the callbacks on its own). Implement ListenToSession to add callbacks to events, and StopListeningToSession to remove the callbacks. Both guarantee that ARSession will be a valid non-null ARSession.

class ARSessionListener: Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.ARConfigChanger {

// direct descendants

class ARHandTrackingManager;
class ARFusedDepthRenderer;
class ARPlaneManager;
class DepthPointCloudManager;
class ARMeshManager;
class ARScanManager;

Inherited Members

    // properties

    bool AreFeaturesEnabled;
    bool CanInitialize;
    bool Initialized;

    // methods

    void Deinitialize();
    void DisableFeatures();
    void EnableFeatures();
    void Initialize();
    virtual abstract void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties) = 0;