ARDK 1.1.0 Release Notes 2021-12-08


  • [Contextual Awareness] Off-screen awareness buffer mapping

  • [Developer Platform] Work-around for using ARDK and Unity on M1 Macs

  • [Developer Tools] Fix for mocking to work in landscape orientation

  • [Developer Tools] Add Mock logic to update plane prefab transforms

  • [Multiplayer] Removing auto incrementing session id from multiplayer examples

  • [Multiplayer] Performance improvements for AR localization on mid-range phones

Bug Fixes

  • [Contextual Awareness] ARDKExamples Depth scene now correctly draws the depth point cloud

  • [Contextual Awareness] Fixes for depth suppression on Android platform

  • [Contextual Awareness] Prevent sending low quality depth when depth and semantics differ in FPS

  • [Contextual Awareness] Fixes an issue where CG was getting displayed with the wrong transforms using URP

  • [Context Awareness] Fixed a bug where the DepthBufferUpdated event didn’t get propagated if occlusions were disabled

  • [Developer Tools] Pin code no longer displayed on screen when running Remote through USB, since it’s irrelevant in that case

  • [Developer Tools] Fix logic for removing mock layer from camera culling mask

Known Issues

  • [Context Awareness] An error log appears when the user exits ‘Capture’ scene using five finger tap and then enters ‘Capturemeshing’ scene

  • [Context Awareness] Examples app: LIDAR devices: Occlusion does not display unless you disable and re-enable

  • [Context Awareness] UI buttons are out of bounds in Landscape mode.

  • [Context Awareness] ARSceneManager prefab transform has a random position

  • [Context Awareness] Flicker between low res and high res depth map when semantics is enabled

  • [Developer Platform] Running a scene in the Unity Editor wipes the ARDKAuthConfig

  • [Multiplayer] ‘Connection Failed 502’ status appears when user attempts to Create/Join a session.

Released: December 08, 2021