Meshing Getting Started

How to setup meshing or add meshing to an existing scene.

The Meshing example scene in ARDK Examples is a good starting point for exploring a simple Meshing setup. This tutorial explores how to recreate it from scratch or add meshing to an existing AR scene.

You can also watch our meshing tutorial on <> or on Youtube:

You can follow along with the video for text, screenshots and code snippets here:

Next Steps

At this stage, your scene is functional but doesn’t do much more than display the mesh.

See Intermediate Tutorial: Meshing and Collisions to learn how to use meshing and collide objects with the generated mesh.

To go further, you could copy the prefab and customize it to add components as desired. See an idea of custom behavior in the Intermediate Tutorial: Meshing Garden Chunks.

You could also add navigation capabilities for virtual characters by using the mesh for the Advanced Tutorial: Gameboard.

Either way, make sure to set up your Unity Editor to use Mock Meshes so you can test without deploying to device.