class SavedScan (Niantic.ARDK.AR.Scanning.SavedScan)


A scan that has been saved in an IScanStore. More…

class SavedScan {
    // properties

    string ScanId;

    // methods

    List<ScanFrame> GetScanFrames();
    List<LocationData> GetScanLocationData();
    ScanMetadataProto GetScanMetadata();
    long GetScanSize();
    TexturedMesh GetTexturedMesh();

        string scanId,
        string dataPathRoot,
        RuntimeEnvironment runtimeEnvironment

    void SetScanMetadata(ScanMetadataProto proto);

Detailed Documentation

A scan that has been saved in an IScanStore.


string ScanId

The unique ID of this scan.


List<ScanFrame> GetScanFrames()

Returns a list of individual ScanFrames saved for this scan.

List<LocationData> GetScanLocationData()

Returns a list of LocationData captured as part of this scan. May be empty if no location was captured.

long GetScanSize()

Returns the size, in bytes, that is consumed by this scan on disk.

TexturedMesh GetTexturedMesh()

Returns the TexturedMesh created from this scan.