struct ModelSettings (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.Gameboard.ModelSettings)


struct ModelSettings {
    // fields

    int KernelSize;
    float KernelStdDevTol;
    LayerMask LayerMask;
    float MaxSlope;
    float MinElevation;
    float SpatialChunkSize;
    float StepHeight;
    float TileSize;

    // properties

    ModelSettings Default;

    // methods

        float tileSize,
        float kernelStdDevTol,
        float maxSlope,
        float stepHeight,
        LayerMask layerMask

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int KernelSize

The size of the kernel used to compute areal properties for each cell.


This needs to be an odd integer.

float KernelStdDevTol

The standard deviation tolerance value to use when determining node noise within a cell, outside of which the cell is considered too noisy to be walkable.

LayerMask LayerMask

Specifies the layer of the environment to raycast.

float MaxSlope

Maximum slope angle (degrees) of an area to be considered flat.

float MinElevation

Minimum elevation (meters) a GridNode is expected to have in order to be walkable.

float SpatialChunkSize

Size of a spatial partition in square meters. Grid cells within the same area will be stored together.

float StepHeight

The maximum amount two cells can differ in elevation to be considered on the same plane.

float TileSize

Metric size of a grid cell.


ModelSettings Default

Constructs a configuration with default settings.