struct PathFindingNode (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.Gameboard.PathFindingNode)


Encloses data for grid elements used during path finding. More…

struct PathFindingNode:
    IEquatable< PathFindingNode >,
    IComparable< PathFindingNode > {
    // fields

    int AggregateOffSurface;
    readonly Vector2Int Coordinates;
    float CostToGoal;
    int CostToThis;
    readonly float Elevation;
    readonly bool HasParent;
    readonly Vector2Int ParentCoordinates;
    readonly Surface Surface;

    // properties

    float Cost;

    // methods

    int CompareTo(PathFindingNode other);
    bool Equals(PathFindingNode other);
    override int GetHashCode();
    PathFindingNode(Vector2Int coordinates, float elevation);

        Vector2Int coordinates,
        float elevation,
        Vector2Int parentCoordinates

    PathFindingNode(Vector2Int coordinates, Surface surface);

        Vector2Int coordinates,
        Surface surface,
        Vector2Int parentCoordinates

Detailed Documentation

Encloses data for grid elements used during path finding.


int AggregateOffSurface

The number of continuous nodes without a surface.

readonly Vector2Int Coordinates

The coordinates of this parent.

float CostToGoal

Cost to get from this node to the destination in a path finding context.

int CostToThis

Cost to get to this node for the source in a path finding context.

readonly float Elevation

Elevation of the node.

readonly bool HasParent

Whether this path node has a parent assign.

readonly Vector2Int ParentCoordinates

The coordinates of this node’s parent.

readonly Surface Surface

The surface this node belongs to. Could be null.


float Cost

Combined cost of this node.