ARDK 2.5.1 Release Notes 2023-03-28

What’s New

  • [Experimental Features] In order to speed up our feedback loop, ARDK provides experimental features. These features are available for testing and feedback but are in early stages of development, subject to change, and may not reflect final designs or APIs. Experimental features should not be used in production products and are unsupported. We want interested developers to use these experimental features and provide feedback. If you have feedback on an experimental feature, post your feedback in the Lightship Developer Community.

  • [Scanning Framework Public Beta] Scanning framework provides a one-stop-shop 3D scanning solution with user-friendly scanning visualizations, mesh inspection, and upload for mapping to allow your users scan and unlock VPS experiences at locations worldwide. Learn more at section.

  • For more information on Experimental and Beta feature expectations, see

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

  • [Scanning Framework Public Beta] Initiating a scan on a device that does not meet the requirements may result in a crash.