struct ServerConfiguration (Niantic.ARDK.Networking.ServerConfiguration)


struct ServerConfiguration {
    // fields

    static readonly string ARBEEndpoint = "";
    static readonly bool AuthRequired = false;
    static readonly int DefaultHeartbeatFrequency = 1000;
    byte[] ClientMetadata;
    string Endpoint;
    int HeartbeatFrequency;

    // properties

    string ApiKey;
    ServerConfiguration ARBE;

    // methods

    ServerConfiguration(int heartbeatFrequency, string endpoint);

        int heartbeatFrequency,
        string endpoint,
        byte[] clientMetadata

    ServerConfiguration(string endpoint);

Detailed Documentation


static readonly string ARBEEndpoint = ""

Endpoint that serves an ARBE address + public key, and is used to connect in native.


string ApiKey

API key to use for authenticating the application. Create a Resources/ARDK directory and add an ArdkAuthConfig scriptable object with your API key to ensure that authentication automatically happens when your application is loaded.

ServerConfiguration ARBE

Generates a ServerConfiguration pointed at ARBEs, with no defined ClientMetadata. If the ClientMetadata is not defined when this ServerConfiguration is used to generate an IMultipeerNetworking, a random Guid will be generated