struct ServerConfiguration (Niantic.ARDK.Networking.ServerConfiguration)


struct ServerConfiguration {
    // fields

    static readonly string ARBEEndpoint = "";
    static readonly bool AuthRequired = false;
    static readonly int DefaultHeartbeatFrequency = 1000;
    byte[] ClientMetadata;
    string Endpoint;
    int HeartbeatFrequency;

    // properties

    string ApiKey;
    ServerConfiguration ARBE;
    string AuthenticationUrl;

    // methods

    ServerConfiguration(int heartbeatFrequency, string endpoint);

        int heartbeatFrequency,
        string endpoint,
        byte[] clientMetadata

    ServerConfiguration(string endpoint);

Detailed Documentation


static readonly string ARBEEndpoint = ""

Endpoint that serves an ARBE address + public key, and is used to connect in native.


string ApiKey

API key to use for authenticating the application. Create a Resources/ARDK directory and add an ArdkAuthConfig scriptable object with your API key to ensure that authentication automatically happens when your application is loaded.

ServerConfiguration ARBE

Generates a ServerConfiguration pointed at ARBEs, with no defined ClientMetadata. If the ClientMetadata is not defined when this ServerConfiguration is used to generate an IMultipeerNetworking, a random Guid will be generated

string AuthenticationUrl

URL at which the API key will be authenticated.


This can only be set for internal testing. Other attempts to set it will no-op.