class NativeMarkerSyncer (Niantic.ARDK.AR.SLAM.NativeMarkerSyncer)

An implementation of IMarkerSyncer that sends data about markers found by the device to be processed by NAR native

class NativeMarkerSyncer: IMarkerSyncer {
    // properties

    Guid StageIdentifier;

    // methods

    void Dispose();
    NativeMarkerSyncer(Guid stageIdentifier);

    void ScanMarkerOnDevice(
        IARCamera arCamera,
        Vector2[] scannedPointLocations,
        double timestamp

    void ScanStationaryMarker(
        IARCamera arCamera,
        Matrix4x4 markerWorldTransform,
        Vector3[] markerPointPositions,
        Vector2[] scannedPointPositions,
        double timestamp

    void SendMarkerInformation(Vector3[] markerPointLocations);