class ARSemanticSegmentationManager (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.ARSemanticSegmentationManager)


class ARSemanticSegmentationManager: Niantic.ARDK.Rendering.ARRenderFeatureProvider {
    // properties

    Camera Camera;
    Texture DepthSuppressionTexture;
    InterpolationMode Interpolation;
    float InterpolationPreference;
    uint KeyFrameFrequency;
    ISemanticBufferProcessor SemanticBufferProcessor;

    // events

    event SemanticBufferInitialized();
    event SemanticBufferUpdated();

    // methods

    virtual override void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties);
    void SetDepthSuppressionChannels(params string[] channelNames);
    virtual override void UpdateRenderState(Material material);

Inherited Members

    // properties

    bool AreFeaturesEnabled;
    bool CanInitialize;
    bool Initialized;
    ISet<string> Features;
    RenderTarget? Target;
    ArdkEventHandler<RenderFeaturesChangedArgs> ActiveFeaturesChanged;
    ISet<string> Features;
    RenderTarget? Target;

    // events

    event ActiveFeaturesChanged();

    // methods

    void Deinitialize();
    void DisableFeatures();
    void EnableFeatures();
    void Initialize();
    virtual abstract void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties) = 0;
    void UpdateRenderState(Material material);
    virtual abstract void UpdateRenderState(Material material) = 0;

Detailed Documentation


Camera Camera

Returns a reference to the scene camera used to render AR content, if present.

Texture DepthSuppressionTexture

Returns a reference to the depth suppression mask texture, if present. If the suppression feature is disabled, this returns null.

InterpolationMode Interpolation

The value specifying whether the semantics buffer should synchronize with the camera pose.

float InterpolationPreference

The value specifying whether to align semantics pixels with closer (0.1) or distant (1.0) pixels in the color image (aka the back-projection distance).

uint KeyFrameFrequency

The value specifying the how many times the semantic segmentation routine should target running per second.


event SemanticBufferInitialized()

Event for when the first semantics buffer is received.

event SemanticBufferUpdated()

Event for when the contents of the semantic buffer or its affine transform was updated.


virtual override void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties)

Inheritors should override this to modify session configuration settings based on their script’s needs.


This is executed as a result of the ARSession being run, which may or may not be triggered by a call to RaiseConfigurationChanged().

void SetDepthSuppressionChannels(params string[] channelNames)

Sets the depth suppression channels. If there is an existing set of channels, calling this method will override them.

virtual override void UpdateRenderState(Material material)

Called when it is time to copy the current render state to the main rendering material.



Material used to render the frame.