interface IAwarenessBufferProcessor (Niantic.ARDK.AR.Awareness.IAwarenessBufferProcessor)


interface IAwarenessBufferProcessor {
    // properties

    InterpolationMode InterpolationMode;
    float InterpolationPreference;
    Matrix4x4 SamplerTransform;

// direct descendants

interface IDepthBufferProcessor;
interface ISemanticBufferProcessor;

Detailed Documentation


InterpolationMode InterpolationMode

The current interpolation setting.

float InterpolationPreference

The current setting whether to align with close (0.0f) or distant pixels (1.0f) during interpolation.

Matrix4x4 SamplerTransform

A composited matrix to fit the awareness buffer to the screen. This affine transform converts normalized screen coordinates to the buffer’s coordinate frame while accounting for interpolation.