class FeaturePreloadManager (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.FeaturePreloadManager)


class FeaturePreloadManager: Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.UnityLifecycleDriver {
    // classes

    class PreloadProgressUpdatedArgs;

    // fields

    ArdkEventHandler<PreloadProgressUpdatedArgs> ProgressUpdated;

    // properties

    IFeaturePreloader Preloader;

    // methods

    void AddFeature(Feature feature);
    bool AreAllFeaturesDownloaded();
    void ClearCache();
    void StartDownload();
    void StopDownload();

Inherited Members

    // properties

    bool AreFeaturesEnabled;
    bool CanInitialize;
    bool Initialized;

    // methods

    void Deinitialize();
    void DisableFeatures();
    void EnableFeatures();
    void Initialize();

Detailed Documentation


void ClearCache()

Clears ALL downloaded features, not just the ones added to this manager’s features list.

void StartDownload()

Starts asynchronous download of added features.

void StopDownload()

Stops download of added features, and clears any partially downloaded features from the cache.