Upgrading ARDK

If you have a Unity project using an older version of ARDK, use the following steps to upgrade your Unity project to use a new version of ARDK.

Remove Your Existing ARDK Packages

Avoid importing the new ARDK or ARDK-Examples packages over your existing packages in your project, as Unity will not delete/overwrite some files properly. Instead, you’ll need to first remove the existing ARDK and ARDK-Examples packages from your project. If you’ve made any changes or additions to your project’s Assets/ARDK or Assets/ARDKExamples folders, make sure to copy those changes somewhere else, and then delete the Assets/ARDK and Assets/ARDKExamples folders.

Install the New ARDK Version Packages

Install the new versions of the ARDK and ARDK-Examples packages into your Unity project, using the steps described in Adding ARDK to Unity.

If you copied changes you made to Assets/ARDK or Assets/ARDKExamples, you can re-integrate those changes into the new ARDK and ARDK-Examples installs. If those changes included code changes, this may require reviewing the new ARDK and ARDK-Examples code and re-applying your code changes correctly.

Review the Release Notes

Make sure to review the Release Notes for the new ARDK version, particularly any breaking changes or upgrade guide information.

Make Code Changes and Rebuild

Make any necessary code changes to have your project work with the new ARDK version, and rebuild and test as needed.