interface IARFrameRenderer (Niantic.ARDK.Rendering.IARFrameRenderer)


interface IARFrameRenderer {
    // properties

    Matrix4x4 DisplayTransform;
    float FarPlane;
    GraphicsFence? GPUFence;
    float NearPlane;
    Matrix4x4 ProjectionTransform;
    int RecommendedFrameRate;
    Resolution Resolution;
    RenderTarget Target;

    // events

    event FrameRendered();
    event Initialized();

    // methods

    void AddFeatureProvider(IRenderFeatureProvider provider);
    void RemoveFeatureProvider(IRenderFeatureProvider provider);

// direct descendants

class ARFrameRenderer;

Detailed Documentation


Matrix4x4 DisplayTransform

Affine transform for converting between normalized image coordinates and a coordinate space appropriate for rendering the camera image onscreen.

float FarPlane

Distance of the far clipping plane in world units.

GraphicsFence? GPUFence

Fence that should be waited on in other command buffers that utilize the texture output by this renderer.


Only available if the renderer has been initialized.

float NearPlane

Distance of the near clipping plane in world units.

Matrix4x4 ProjectionTransform

The projection matrix of the device’s camera. This takes into account your device’s focal length, size of the sensor, distortions inherent in the lenses, autofocus, temperature, and/or etc.

int RecommendedFrameRate

Recommended target framerate of the platform.

Resolution Resolution

The resolution of a rendered frame image.

RenderTarget Target

The render target. Either a camera or a GPU texture.


event FrameRendered()

Event for when the renderer had just finished rendering to its primary target.

event Initialized()

Event for when the renderer had just initialized.


void AddFeatureProvider(IRenderFeatureProvider provider)

Registers a new feature provider to this renderer. Call this method to insert components to the pipeline that alter or extend the background rendering.

void RemoveFeatureProvider(IRenderFeatureProvider provider)

Removes the specified feature provider from this renderer, if it is present in its pipeline.