interface IARFaceGeometry (Niantic.ARDK.AR.IARFaceGeometry)


interface IARFaceGeometry: IDisposable {
    // properties

    ReadOnlyCollection<Vector3> Normals;
    ReadOnlyCollection<Vector2> TextureCoordinates;
    ReadOnlyCollection<Int16> TriangleIndices;
    ReadOnlyCollection<Vector3> Vertices;

Detailed Documentation


ReadOnlyCollection<Vector3> Normals

An array of normal positions (x, y, z) for each vertex in the face mesh.

These normals are relative to the center pose of the face.


android-only value. Returns null on other platforms.

ReadOnlyCollection<Vector2> TextureCoordinates

A flat buffer of texture coordinate values (u, v) for each point in the face mesh.

Each value at a particular index provides the u, v coordinates for the corresponding vertex in the Vertices property.

ReadOnlyCollection<Int16> TriangleIndices

A buffer of indices describing the triangle mesh formed by the face geometry’s vertex data.

Each value represents an index into the Vertices and TextureCoordinates arrays. Each set of three represent the corners of a triangle in the mesh therefore, the number of triangles is TriangleIndices.Length / 3.

ReadOnlyCollection<Vector3> Vertices

An array of vertex positions (x, y, z) for each point in the face mesh.

Each position is in a coordinate system defined by the owning face’s anchor’s Transform matrix. E.g. “local” to that face.