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Be among the first to have early access to Niantic Developer Platform. The developer platform includes the AR and spatial computing features found within the Niantic Real World Platform.

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The Niantic Real World Platform

  • Niantic’s core technology stack used to power today’s most successful AR experiences including Pokémon GO.
  • The augmented reality developer kit provides client-side tools and features to implement compelling AR features across multiple mobile device platforms.
  • Backend cloud infrastructure and services scales to millions of users, all experiencing the same single-instance simulation.

Apply to Niantic Publishing

Apply to have your game published by Niantic. At Niantic, our mission is to help players explore, exercise, and embrace more real-world social interactions through a diverse portfolio of games and experiences.

To help us achieve this goal, we're always looking for talented game development companies to join our mobile publishing pipeline and access the full capabilities of the Niantic Real World Platform - the same Platform used to power games such as Ingress, Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the soon-to-be-released CATAN: World Explorers, and many more that are currently in development.

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Beyond Reality: Black Developers Initiative

Niantic’s Black Developers Initiative is a program established to support, mentor and finance Black game development teams for the purpose of building real-world AR games. Our intention is to empower Black game/AR developers and provide access, resources and support so they can build amazing game experiences that inspire people to explore the world together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the publishing application and the developer platform access?

Niantic has two paths for creators - and you can do both. One is to apply to be published by Niantic where you will go through an application and review process that could lead to a publishing deal with the company. This will provide your team with access to the technology, support, design teams and marketing used to power Niantic’s games.

The other path is to sign up for early access to its developer platform, which will put your name on the list for early access to a subset of the platform. The developer platform includes the portion of Niantic’s technology stack used to power planet-scale AR experiences.

How much does it cost to participate in these programs?

There is no initial cost to participate in these programs. However, if chosen as a publishing opportunity, you will enter into a publishing agreement and learn more about the revenue share details at that time.

Who can participate in early access to the developer platform program?

Currently, the program platform access is limited to select teams of AR creators. Applicants will be selected in batches as Niantic expands access. Access will be based on a demonstrated ability to develop and launch AR apps and games. Existing projects on mobile, VR, and/or AR is a plus.

How often are applications for the developer platform access reviewed?

We will be reviewing beta access for the developer platform twice a month.

When will the developer platform be publicly available?

We are working toward a publicly available platform for developers, but do not have dates on exact timing to announce. Please sign up to be notified when we start rolling out the platform to more developers.

How often are applications for publishing’s Beyond Reality Initiative reviewed?

Applications to be published by Niantic will be reviewed twice a month.