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Lightship gives you the tools to create innovative, real-world AR experiences that inspire movement and encourage exploration.
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Introducing Niantic Lightship, enabling developers to merge AR content with the outside world.

Niantic Lightship is the toolset for building the real-world metaverse, offering the best world-mapping, semantic segmentation, and shared AR feature sets. Watch our launch video to see how we’re taking AR in a powerful new direction.

Innovative AR experiences with Lightship ARDK

Seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds with the same AR and mapping tools used to power some of Niantic’s most popular games. With Lightship ARDK, you can now build on top of our foundation, accessing our depth sensing, occlusion, semantic segmentation, and Visual Positioning System to anchor your content in physical spaces.

Elevating brands with memorable experiences

Looking to bring AR into your app experience? Whether you’re an artist, major brand, or non-profit Niantic’s in-house experts can help. We help innovative brands leverage realistic AR experiences to make deeper connections with their audiences, inspire change, and shape the next frontier in consumer technology.

Create the next leading AR experience
Inspire players to explore, exercise and embrace more real-world social interactions by joining Niantic’s diverse portfolio of games and experiences.

If you have an idea for the next big hit, you can apply to join our crew and bring your idea to life. Our published games have access to the full suite of Niantic Lightship tools harnessing the power of the world’s leading AR gaming engine.

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